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White Paper

The Labor Market Paradox of 2021 and What Employers Can Do About It

Executive Summary

As spring dawned in 2021, economic expansion and surges in demand for consumer products and services materialized across the nation. Unfortunately, the relative lack of active job seekers has left many businesses unable to take full advantage of the blooming, yet precarious economic terrain. Opportunities for previously furloughed job seekers abound, yet surprisingly, accelerated job availability is unmatched by labor force participation. This white paper investigates these unique market conditions and presents recommendations for how employers can shore up and retain the talent they need to fully benefit from the advancing post-recession economy.
Labor Market Review 2021

Topics Covered

  • Evolving job seeker demands influencing market conditions
  • How to attract hard-to-find talent within the new hiring landscape
  • Deliberate onboarding to promote employee retention
  • Change management for an effective return to office


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Greg Jones

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