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Two women reviewing the December 2023 jobs report.

December 2023 Jobs Report: A Look at November's Trends

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Executive Summary

Job growth picked up slightly in November, with 199,000 jobs added — 150,000 in the private sector and 49,000 in the public sector. The unemployment rate fell to 3.7%, and while layoffs have risen since October, they remain below historical averages. The labor force participation rate increased slightly to 62.8%, remaining close to the pre-pandemic level (63.3%). Unemployed workers per job opening was at 0.75, and job openings fell to 8.73 million. Quits remained relatively unchanged, still at 5% above pre-pandemic levels.

The core business areas Aston Carter supports were impacted in November, with finance and insurance jobs decreasing by 4,100 and professional and business services jobs decreasing by 9,000.

Download the Labor Market Analysis
November 2023 market trends: 199K jobs added and 3.7% unemployment rate.

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