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A man and a woman reviewing the December 2022 Jobs Report on a laptop.

December 2022 Jobs Report: A Look at November's Trends

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Executive Summary

November’s job market saw a total of 263,000 jobs gained with 221,000 in the private sector and 42,000 in the public sector. The unemployment rate remained steady at a historically low 3.7% as the labor force participation rate declined slightly to 62.1% — contributing to an ongoing tight labor market. Job openings declined to 350,000 following the 400,000 openings last month, keeping openings 48% higher than pre-pandemic levels. Unemployed workers per job opening remained around two jobs per unemployed worker. Average hourly earnings grew at a rate of 0.6%, the fastest in 10 months as hiring demand still outpaces the supply of workers.

Download the Labor Market Analysis
November 2022 job market statistics. 263K jobs gained and 3.7% overall unemployment rate.