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A female job seeker building a professional relationship with her recruiter.


Maximizing Your Relationship With
a Recruiter

Partnering with a specialized recruiter can help you soar to the height of your career potential. One way to do this is by establishing relationships with recruiters in your job market. Working with a specialized recruiter can help broker positive introductions, increase your chances of landing a job interview and help you build professional relationships.

How do you ensure your experience with a recruiter is a positive step in your job search?

Connect With a Recruiter Aligned to Your Goals

It’s important to identify where you want to go in your career, what industry you are looking into and what roles are suited to that industry. If you are intentional with your outreach, it will be easier to identify a recruitment agency or recruiters who can support your job search.

Build Out Your Professional Network

As your job search gets narrower, the number of professional recruiters you meet with may dwindle. However, it’s important to build out an extensive professional network within, or even beyond, your chosen field. Connecting with those who don’t share the same profession can still offer valuable insight.

Why Work With a Recruiter?

Recruiters are experts in matching great people with great roles. They can provide advice on how to approach your preferred organizations, tips on resume writing and interviews and even proactive career recommendations that might not have occurred to you. A good job recruiter can also serve as a career advisor, assisting you in your evaluations of different career paths.

Aston Carter is your career advocate. As such, we will meet with you to discuss individual skills, goals and interests. Working with a recruiter who takes the time to develop a deep understanding of your motivations and prior experience will help connect you with relevant job opportunities.

Show Up Professionally When Meeting Your Recruiter

When you meet your recruiter for the first time, it is important to represent yourself well, as though you are going to a job interview, as this indicates how you will represent yourself with their clients. Dressing professionally demonstrates dedication and a desire to do well. Being punctual and prepared to discuss both your work history and career goals will also further your relationship with your recruiter.

Be Honest About Your Career Goals

Your recruiter must clearly understand your career goals to help source your next job opportunity and provide you with advice, recommendations and referrals that will assist you in your search. It is important to provide your recruiter with genuine information about what you do and don't want and openly discuss your motivations and career history. During your job search, there's a possibility that your criteria might change: You may consider other roles or be open to industries that were initially not of interest. Be sure to communicate these considerations honestly with your recruiter so they can act as your career guide.

Maintain Regular Communication

A good recruiter meets and assists many potential candidates per week, all of whom may have different requirements and career goals. Therefore, it is vital to set communication expectations and agree on the best way to work together. To avoid feeling like your calls are not being returned or that you have slipped through the cracks, agree on set time frames and methods to touch base. This might mean a weekly email check-in, or a phone call only when a great opportunity comes up. It’s essential to identify what works for you both so there are limited opportunities for confusion and missed connections.

Do: build a network; ask your recruiter questions. Don't: be concerned if recruiter doesn't answer.

Keep a Relationship With Your Recruiter

By building relevant contacts, understanding your ever-evolving goals and communicating clearly and regularly with a recruitment agency, you can enhance your career journey and ultimately secure your next position. If your preferred recruiter isn't able to secure a role for you, make sure you stay in contact. A good recruiter will be there for you as your career progresses – for the long term.

Aston Carter has an unrivaled commitment to delivering first-class service to our clients and candidates across a variety of professional disciplines. To begin maximizing your relationship with your recruiter and working toward your career goals, contact us today.

*This article was originally developed by Aston Carter EMEA and adapted for Aston Carter North America.

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