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A male searching on his laptop reasons why digital upskilling is essential for administrative workers in 2024.


4 Reasons Digital Upskilling Will Be Essential for Administrative Professionals in 2024

Digitalization impacts virtually every business in every industry. To keep up with the pace of change, upskilling will be necessary for administrative professionals. Although evolving digital technologies have streamlined business processes, this only increases the need for qualified personnel to oversee artificial intelligence (AI) and other advancing technologies. Digital upskilling can also foster greater employee engagement and ROI. Read on to learn why digital upskilling is essential for administrative roles.

Advantages of Digital Upskilling for Administrative Professionals

1. Assisting Customers Faster with AI and Digital Technologies

Overseeing AI and digital technologies that streamline business operations is vital to enhancing customer satisfaction. Administrative professionals often act as liaisons, helping with checking customers in at offices and answering questions or addressing complaints about the product or service offered. AI and advanced digital technologies make that process much quicker, enabling administrative professionals to assist consumers with relative ease. Without the investment in digital upskilling administrative professionals will be reliant on older and more time-consuming methodologies to assist customers.

2. Using AI Tools to Build Enhanced Consumer Relationships

Administrative professionals are often required to have a level of expertise in data analysis. As such, they can use AI tools to get a full understanding of the customer’s purchasing history, social media and browsing history. This will allow administrative workers to assist with creating and overseeing a highly personalized and enhanced customer experience, one that drives revenue for the organization.

3. Supporting the Workforce

The primary responsibilities of an administrative professional include organizational tasks and routine clerical work. This can mean coordinating travel arrangements, inputting data, speaking with customers and overseeing the calendar for leadership (and sometimes the entire office). AI and digital technological advancements allow these tasks to be completed at a more efficient rate, making you a more effective support partner to the workforce at your organization.

4. Gaining Transferable Skills Through Upskilling

Digital upskilling is valuable for administrative roles and across all industries. Administrative professionals need to take the time to upskill themselves and maintain an awareness of evolving digital technologies. They’ll gain competencies that can help you elevate their career or potentially pursue a different role, should that interest arise.

Committing to Administrative Career Development

Digital upskilling is necessary for the success of an organization. One BCG study reported that 70% of digital transformations are unsuccessful. These transformations are difficult to execute because of the commitment required from the organization. However, administrative professionals who make the effort to develop an understanding of evolving AI tools and digital technology will see improvement in administrative skills such as problem-solving, time management, organizational skills and written communication.

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