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A woman supporting Know YourAgent (KYA) compliance efforts with managed solutions.

Case Study

Supporting Know Your Agent Compliance Efforts with Managed Solutions

Results at a Glance

  • Recertified nearly 5,000 franchise stores to be Know Your Agent (KYA) compliant
  • Received hundreds of thousands back in revenue after recertification
  • Client was able to resume selling money orders — a significant source of revenue

Key Success Factors

  • Assigned a dedicated Client Solutions Manager (CSM) to work closely with the client and manage five team leads and 60 remote contract employees
  • Implemented an intensive screening program to hire and onboard qualified talent quickly
  • Utilized collaboration tools to track progress and adhere to timelines

Business Challenge

Broken and Inconsistent Compliance Processes

Our client, a widely known convenience store, is recognized for offering its customers a variety of products and services along with selling money orders — a major revenue driver of their business model. Because our client requires all franchise stores to have money order machines on site, each individual store must remain compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations to mitigate financial risk and keep business moving.

To remain AML compliant, employees must be Know Your Agent certified and recertified every five years thereafter to remain compliant. Over time, the client’s recertification process became fractured and because there were changes in ownership among the separate franchises, it added to a growing list of individuals who needed to be recertified and contributed to an inconsistent process — putting the company at risk.

Our client lacked the required personnel, talent training, assets and collaboration tools needed to complete the KYA recertification for more than 5,000 franchise stores. As a result, thousands of stores had to suspend their money order machines, halting sales and disrupting business.

They needed a formal certification process to ensure they were on track and could resume selling money orders. They were given six months to get recertified, and those who did not comply would have their machines shut down or removed from the store entirely, ultimately hurting their bottom line. Our client sought the help of a workforce solutions partner who could not only connect them with qualified talent, but also support their efforts in establishing a streamlined recertification process and adhere to anti-money laundering compliance.

Our Solution

Enhanced Managed Services — Beyond Qualified Talent

Our client not only needed talent, but also required help in onboarding employees efficiently to ensure new employees were ready to go on day one. They also needed assets and software so all remote contract employees had the resources they needed to do their jobs effectively, and comprehensive training services to assure each employee could operate the new systems. Ultimately, our client sought more of a consultative partnership to increase their strategic management capacity and meet the demands of this project. Based on our previous relationship with this client, they entrusted Aston Carter’s Managed Solutions team to help get their business back on track.

Aston Carter brought on a dedicated Client Solutions Manager (CSM), who assumed all hiring responsibilities and screened for skill sets ranging from customer service to data entry and auditing. Once all contract employees were hired and onboarded, the Aston Carter team procured laptops, monitors and keyboards for the remote workforce and set up collaboration tools like Adobe Pro, Excel, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. These tools served as a hub to house documents, a tracker to ensure they were adhering to timelines and a place where skill development trainings and one-on-one coaching was conducted.

What started as a team of five contract employees was scaled to 60 as they learned more about the demands of the project. The client solutions manager trained all 60 employees, and the initial five contract workers became team leads to assist with the supervision of the additional contract employees. The client solutions manager worked closely with the client, managed the team leads along with the contract employees and ensured proper coaching and processes were understood. They served as the main point of contact for the contingent workforce and ensured any challenge that came up was addressed in a timely manner and properly documented.

With the help of our Managed Solutions team, the talent they brought on and the new systems put in place, our client was able to mend their broken process and hit their stride to get to a manageable baseline and begin selling money orders again.


Streamlined Compliance Processes to Support Overarching Business Objectives

Through our tailored Managed Solutions, the Aston Carter team helped our client address several pain points beyond supplying qualified personnel.

Our in-depth understanding of the Know Your Agent process allowed us to create more efficient ways to collect, audit and submit information to fulfill the requirements of the KYA recertification project. Despite working within a tight six month timeframe, with the help of our enhanced onboarding capabilities, talent training, asset management and logistical services, our client recertified nearly 5,000 stores — allowing the individual stores to resume selling money orders and ultimately drive business forward.

In taking on the interviewing, hiring and onboarding responsibilities for this project, we helped position our client to meet their overarching business objectives. With our help, they were able to get back hundreds of thousands in revenue after the completion of the assignment.

By establishing these practices and being a dedicated partner to our client, we’ve helped them create a solid foundation to continue their momentum for future success.

Aston Carter was instrumental in completing this project for us. We would not have been able to do it without you.


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