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Leader conducting a training and onboarding session for new hires.

Case Study

Reduced Attrition Rates Through Comprehensive Onboarding

Results at a Glance

  • Identified a need for a comprehensive onboarding experience for new hires
  • The program launch led to an immediate decrease in employee attrition rates
  • Soon to launch formal training for recently promoted technical service representatives

Key Success Factors

  • Conducted a thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to uncover gaps in the existing orientation, onboarding and training program
  • Hired an instructional designer to conduct in-depth research on the industry and create custom training materials that aligned with company goals
  • Implemented knowledge checks within the e-modules to ensure all employees gained a proven understanding of the training concepts
  • Began gathering employee feedback to help our client better track the success of the training program and adjust as needed

Business Challenges

Increased Attrition Rates Among Newly Promoted Employees

Our client is an Arizona-based technology company that specializes in electric vehicle charging. The rapid growth of this young business began to reveal gaps in their training program, as employees expressed a lack of preparation when transitioning into new roles.

Typically, our client promoted from within — transitioning entry-level customer service representatives to higher-level technical service representative positions. However, our client lacked a formalized training program to support this transition, relying instead on newly promoted employees shadowing more experienced colleagues. This left many employees feeling unprepared for the transition, leading to an increase in turnover and attrition.

Aston Carter previously provided this client staffing support, helping them source entry-level customer service representatives. Thanks to the success of this past partnership, they asked us to create a formal training program based on existing content for their technical service representative team. A facilitator’s guide, a participant guide, an agenda and learning objectives were all part of this request.

Our Solution

Creating a Company-Wide Onboarding and Training Program

After we received the initial ask, Aston Carter’s Managed Solutions teams conducted a TNA and found that our client did not have a formal orientation, onboarding or training program for the company as a whole. The absence of consistent training impacted not only specific sections of the company, but also contributed to company-wide knowledge gaps, including a lack of basic understanding about electric vehicle charging — the main offering of the business.

In response to this discovery, we proposed a two-part training solution. The process would begin with a general orientation for new hires throughout the company, followed by a training program designed to prepare employees for the role of technical service representative.

We hired an instructional designer to conduct in-depth industry research and create e-modules with knowledge checks to ensure employees left the program with a proven understanding of the training concepts. To create a central repository of information, we also established a resource hub with simulations demonstrating how to perform certain functions of the job and included information needed to effectively speak about the company’s offerings. A project manager helped oversee the engagement and maintained weekly contact with the customer service and human resource teams to ensure the project adhered to the schedule.

Because our client did not have a Learning Management System (LMS) in place to house training materials and track employee progress, Aston Carter’s Managed Solutions team recommended methods to capture this information. The client chose Microsoft Forms as the tool they’d use to gather employee feedback, track the success of the training and make adjustments as needed.


Successful Launch and Plans for Future Trainings

The company-wide orientation program was implemented at the end of May 2022. Since then, the client has not only expressed that the training modules have exceeded their expectations, but leadership has also noticed a decrease in attrition rates.

Phase two of the training initiative, designed for technical service representatives, is currently on hold while our client updates their technology systems, including their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. We proposed delaying the launch of this program until these updates are completed to ensure a more seamless rollout. This training program is expected to begin in the next few months.

Both training systems will alleviate the burden on our client’s internal management team and tenured employees, who had previously been responsible for preparing new hires and recently promoted team members for their roles. We expect retention rates will continue to improve as employees gain access to training they’ll need to be successful at any level within the company.

"This has turned out above and beyond our expectations and we are happy to be able to share it with our existing staff as well as our new hires…Overall, we are very pleased with the performance and results of this team. Due to the success of this program, we are planning to continue to update training materials within additional departments once the [technical service representative] program is complete. I would highly recommend this team to any business that may be looking for a training solution."


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