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Marketing and Creative Jobs, Part 1: Job Trends in the COVID-19 Era

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across all major industries have been challenged to rethink how, and where, work gets done. These fundamental considerations for organizations (including transitioning to hybrid work styles, evolving digital communication mediums and striving to connect with audiences in new ways) have significantly impacted job market trends for marketing and creative professionals.

Part one of our two-part Marketing and Creative Jobs series explores current job trends and how creative professionals can capitalize on a myriad of career opportunities that are becoming increasingly available in the market

The Newly found Importance of Digital Design

The shift from physical to digital advertising has triggered a continuous evolution in marketing since the dawn of the internet. Over the years, companies have steadily moved away from traditional marketing tactics (e.g., direct mail, broadcast, billboards) toward emerging digital trends and user experience practices to engage their audiences.

While harnessing the power of digital platforms to connect with prospective customers isn’t a new trend, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a newfound importance for companies to rethink their online presence to drive customer engagement. In addition to diversifying creative content across digital mediums, companies are refocusing their efforts to ensure content is not only eye-catching and user-friendly, but also compelling and capable of driving desired customer behaviors, achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) and promoting conversions.

While in the past, many companies often outsourced this creative work to digital and advertising agencies, many are now bringing efforts in house to maximize budgets and visibility, and drive efficiencies. These growing marketing departments are creating new demand for skilled marketing and creative talent across many businesses.

Companies are also increasingly leveraging advanced mobile platforms to engage their customers, a shift that relies on professionals with deep expertise in mobile and web application development. Businesses are relying more heavily on creative and marketing professionals to not only produce high-quality content that engages customers digitally but are also able to create adaptive user interfaces that draw on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices.

As such, UX and UI designers are now playing an essential role in many companies’ overall marketing strategies. And because the digital world is becoming more competitive as companies vie for their prospective customers’ attention, many creatives are leveraging new approaches and techniques — like video and motion graphic design — to foster engagement. A report from Cisco estimates: “Globally, consumer internet traffic will be 70% of business internet traffic in 2021, up 72% from 2016,” placing a heavy burden on companies to find innovative ways to capitalize on the medium.

Though digital design has been essential to marketing strategies for many years, the COVID-19 era has made digital landscapes more competitive and led to a broader base of customers that engage with companies online rather than in person. By bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives on how to digitally enhance the user/customer experience, marketing and creative professionals are vital to a company’s success in this area.

A Rising Surge in Creative Job Opportunities

The pandemic has not only increased the importance of digital marketing for businesses; it has also fostered a surge in marketing and creative job opportunities across many industries. As companies are ramping up their digital marketing efforts, the job market for marketing and creative professionals is booming.

Companies are looking to fill a wide range of marketing and digital roles across all levels. Some of the most in-demand marketing and creative roles in 2021 include:

  • Copywriters
  • Digital media managers
  • Email marketing specialists
  • Graphic designers
  • Marketing analytics managers
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists
  • Social media coordinators
  • UX/UI designers

Now that companies are increasing valuing their creative teams, marketing and creative professionals are in a strong position to use their skills and experiences as key differentiators when negotiating higher salaries, benefits or workplace preferences (such as flexible work schedules or remote work opportunities).

Emphasis on User Experience for Finance Companies

Marketing and creative professionals focus on building digital communication tools for customers across a broad spectrum of industries. For example, within financial services, companies are looking for creatives to develop new ways to connect with customers virtually and personalize user experiences on their digital platforms. Mobile apps are proving to be a highly effective channel for engaging with customers, with mobile apps expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023.

Following the shutdown of most in-person banking practices during the pandemic, banking companies are extremely focused on developing robust mobile experiences that are not only interactive and user friendly, but also add value to their customers, enhancing their overall experience with their brands. As a result, banks and other finance companies are hiring high volumes of creatives to craft mobile and online platforms that elevate their digital connectivity with customers.

Check back for part two of our Marketing and Creative Jobs series, which will explore tips and insights for marketing and creative job seekers to build a successful career in the pandemic market.

Whether you’re a creative professional looking to transition to a new position or a hiring manager looking to fill a creative or marketing role, Aston Carter can help you with your career or workforce needs. For more information, contact Aston Carter today.