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Case Study

Setting the benchmark in anti money laundering programmes (services)

Results at a Glance

  • Partnered with large financial services organisation
  • Successfully remediated 25,000 AML cases
  • Met one-year regulatory deadline
  • Deployed 100-strong consultant workforce over two locations

Focus Areas

  • Scalable solution
  • Management of interview, screening and selection process
  • Consultant onboarding, management and engagement
  • Project status reporting
  • Budget reporting

Executive Summary

Aston Carter Consulting partnered with the client, a large financial services organisation, to help them deliver a large-scale, one-year anti-money laundering remediation programme. The programme was successful and we have since received further opportunities to work with the client across a number of different business areas.

Results Summary

Aston Carter Consulting delivered on the remediation of 25,000 anti-money laundering related cases. A workforce of over 100 consultants based at one of two locations (London and the West Midlands) successfully met the strict one-year regulatory deadline, as well as all quality and productivity metrics.

Around the world, financial institutions are working hard to fight financial crime. One area of specific focus for them is anti-money Laundering (AML). However, many organisations still face challenges in creating sustainable AML teams which can respond to regulatory reporting mandates and support the daily demands of their business — while also finding, developing and retaining the talent they need to achieve these activities.

In 2016, Aston Carter Consulting partnered with a large financial services company to help them to deliver a large-scale, one-year AML remediation programme. Our team were responsible for client outreach and managing the remediation process, and successfully hit the quality and productivity metrics.