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Connecting Talent Potential to Business Outcomes

Download the latest white paper from our parent company Allegis Group for an overview of the key trends that are impacting our global work force and the subsequent challenges and opportunities faced by companies in order to keep up.

In 2019, Allegis Group carried out a global survey of approximately 2,000 workers and 1,800 HR and business decision-makers which revealed the significant challenges faced by companies trying to keep up with the pace of change in the market and attract the best talent. 79% of those surveyed said it is more difficult to attract and retain talent with critical skills than it was three years ago and nearly half say it is harder today to determine what talent and technology resources are needed to accomplish key goals, projects, and initiatives. Most workers (87%) agreed that employers need to do a better job of providing resources and technologies to best attract job seekers and retain them as employees.

Despite the challenges, this report explores how companies have enormous potential to create value and improve their work and career experience, but that the ability to translate this potential into tangible results depends on how they understand and tackle the following trends:

  • Increasing Pressure to Balance Technology and the Human Touch
  • The Growing, Strategic Role of Outsourced Services
  • The Fragmentation of the Workforce
  • The Influence of the Changing Regulatory Environment


Download Connecting Talent Potential to Business Outcomes here