Case Study

Head Of Policy — Professional Accounting Body

Results at a Glance

  • Two roles placed across Asia

Focus Areas

  • Head of Policy


This global body for professional accountants, provides qualifications that enable talented people to seek careers in accountancy, finance and management. With 170,000 members and 436,000 students, the organisation offers services through 91 offices and centres around the world.

The strength of Aston Carters relationship with the organisation is centred on its unique qualities as an agency with international scope but local expertise. Having worked with Aston Carter Hong Kong, the companies HR Business Partner introduced Aston Carter to their office in Malaysia, where the local team was able to further get to know the client and its needs.

As a whole, the company needed a recruiter that had an adequate presence and experience within the Asia region it operated in – the key was to have both regional breadth and deep relationships with the local candidate pool.

Our Solution

When the company turned to Aston Carter to fill several roles across APAC, the same high-touch, quality orientated processes was utilised in each location and drew on a shared knowledge and understanding of the company. As a result Aston Carter’s delivered quality candidates that matched the company’s expectations and requirements.

Aston Carters work in placing their Head of Policy role in Hong Kong is a prime example of this dynamic. Even though the company was working with different recruitment agencies, Aston Carter was able to step in and deliver on a challenging placement with only a few weeks lead time.

Drawing on its insights into the specific requirements for the role and their knowledge of the candidate base, Aston Carter pursued creative avenues to identify and attract suitable individuals for the role and as a result placed a candidate who matched the key requirements the company had initially identified.

Throughout the process, Aston Carter was regularly in touch with the hiring manager, providing updates and listening to feedback to further develop the brief and to build an enduring relationship that would prove valuable for future placements.


While filling the roles in Hong Kong and Malaysia, Aston Carter developed a strong relationship with the company, proving the benefit of having an international recruiter with familiar processes across Asia, and a shared knowledge base and strong candidate networks in each country. Not only has the company been pleased with each placement, it has also been impressed with the way Aston Carter works with its candidates.

Because Aston Carter is divided into teams that focus on different functions the Consultants are able to speak the industry language with ease to better engage with candidates. In each location, the consultants get to know their candidates’ skills, goals and interests so they can maintain relationships and network effectively.

Fortified by excellent relationships with their candidates and consistent approach across countries, Aston Carter are able to service their clients quickly and effectively. For this global body of professional accountants, this has proven to be a particularly powerful way to recruit within each country while serving the goals and character of the enterprise as a whole. As a result, they now engage Aston Carter as their preferred supplier, a trusted advisor and true business partner across Asia Pacific.