Building Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a key resource for recruiters, employers and peers who want to learn more about you professionally. LinkedIn has 810 million users across 200 countries worldwide, and over 57 million company profiles. How can you maximise your LinkedIn profile to help you get noticed in the job market?

Complete your profile

The summary is usually one of the first pieces of information to be read and is an opportunity for you to share content to engage the reader. You can quickly distinguish yourself within the market by creating a powerful summary. When completed correctly your profile should assist the reader in understanding who you are, what you do and what you have done. When filling out the experience and education sections write short sharp sentences and include quantifiable information to highlight successes.

Use keywords

Use keywords throughout your profile. Recruiters use Boolean search tools, by using keywords it your profile it helps them find you. What keywords should you use? Think about search terms someone might use to find you these could be specific to your job and or industry.

Profile picture 

Upload a professional photo of yourself. According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn profiles that include a photo receive 21 times more profile views. 


Let your creativity shine. Think about your value proposition and use this section as an opportunity to highlight this. 

Skills & Endorsements

You can select up to 50 skills on your LinkedIn profile. According to members with a minimum of 5 skills receive 17 times more profile views. Therefore, it’s important that you add in your skills so that you can be endorsed for them. Position your top skills first, so that they are visible without having to expand the section, then the reader can see your strengths/specialisation. 


A recommendation from someone who can vouch for you and your skill set assists with building your credibility. 

Proof-read Before You Publish!

Proof-read your profile to check spelling and grammar and to make sure that it reads well.

Make connections 

Connecting with other industry professionals will assist in keeping you informed on what is happening within your industry. It can also increase the likelihood of learning about new job opportunities in your chosen field

Personalise your URL

There is a feature on LinkedIn where you can customise your profile URL. Follow these steps: 
Go to your profile > Edit > Manage public profile settings > customise your profile URL. 

Groups, discussions and articles

Be active. Join relevant industry groups and conversations on LinkedIn. There is also the opportunity to add value by asking and responding to questions, sharing links to news articles and posting any other relevant content. By posting relevant content and sharing educated opinions, this demonstrates your commitment to your industry and builds credibility.