Why Now is the Time to Upskill

In this ever-changing world of work, where we need to keep up with the latest trends, processes and technology, it is vital to invest in our own professional and personal growth. Whether you want to progress in your career, deepen your knowledge in your chosen field or are looking for a complete career change, upskilling is an excellent way to take steps to achieving these goals.

Why You Should Upskill

Career Development / Advancement

Investing in your professional growth can do wonders for developing and advancing your career. We are continually learning in the workplace; upskilling can take it a step further. When you learn something new you feel inspired and want to practice what you have learnt. One of the places you can do this is in your current role. For example, you are currently in a generalist role and have decided to take a course to specialise in a specific area. Applying what you have learnt within that area and sharing your new-found knowledge with your team will be beneficial for all. It could lead to you being seen as the expert on that subject within the team, making you more valuable to your employer. It also demonstrates your commitment, initiative and willingness to learn, so that when a new opportunity presents itself either internally or externally you can put your best foot forward.

Respond to changes in your industry

Whether it be due to technological advancements or process improvements industries are constantly innovating to remain competitive, which may mean you need to also. Take the impact of AI and how it is ‘reshaping the world of work’ as an example. Allegis Group reports that whilst AI may have eliminated certain tasks; it has paved the way for new jobs and responsibilities thus creating demand for new skills. 

Enhance Your Employability and CV

How can you improve your chances of being hired in a competitive job market? Upskill! When crafting a compelling CV, you want to show employers the best version of yourself. Having a combination of technical and soft skills pertinent to the role can be advantageous in demonstrating your value. Furthermore, having an extensive technical skill set and being able to demonstrate your proficiency in each area can broaden your career prospects, by providing you access to more niche specialised roles.

Looking for a Career Change?

Whether you have made a conscious decision to pursue another career or you have stumbled upon an interest or passion that you can see as a career in the future - knowledge is key. According to Olivia Blazevic from having a formal certification in your chosen field can be instrumental when the time comes to make the move and can ease the transition process.

How you can upskill

The benefits of upskilling are clear so how do you do it? There are various opportunities to upskill from having a mentor and attending seminars to online courses. Whatever you decide it is important to focus on upskilling both your technical skills and your soft skills. When assessing your suitability for a role, employers look for both technical skills and your more transferrable (soft) skills to determine if you are the right fit. There are a plethora of options for online learning that can hone in on your technical and soft skills, below is just an example of what is available.


edX offers over 2500 online courses from 140 institutions to sharpen technical skills. The platform has a combination of paid and free courses across a multitude of disciplines from business management and communications to data science and engineering and course lengths vary.

Google Digital Garage*

Google Digital Garage offers free courses across data and tech and digital marketing. In addition to this, they also offer career development courses which focus on polishing up soft skills.

However you decide to upskill just make sure you are making the right decision for you and your personal and professional growth.

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