The Toughest Question In Recruitment (And How To Answer It)

There are certain interview questions that recruitment specialists frequently ask because they challenge candidates to think critically and answer eloquently.

In particular, there is one question that seems to appear time and time again:

"Why should we hire you?"
Yet, despite the fact you can almost guarantee this question will be asked, many candidates are unprepared and struggle to provide a suitable answer that truly differentiates them from other potential candidates.

Perhaps this is because many people feel uncomfortable praising themselves. It could also have something to do with not knowing what the interviewer wants you to say.

To help form an articulate and appropriate answer than can dazzle the recruiters, it helps to understand what the question is really asking.

"What can you do for us?"
There it is. This question is not asked to determine why you want the job. It is your opportunity to give the recruiter a clear reason why you would be an asset to their team.

With this in mind, you can formulate an answer that will really impress the interviewer and give them a good idea of what you will bring to the table.

The first step is to treat this opportunity as a chance to sell yourself. Why you may not like layering praise on your own abilities, staying factual and concise is enough to get the message across.

However, it is not enough to simply restate your qualifications and hope for the best. You also need to prove to the recruiter that you understand how your skills can help their business.

What can you do for them? Have they mentioned any particular qualities they are looking for or skill sets that are lacking in their team? If so, incorporate this into your answer and give them a clear reason how your experience and knowledge will help fulfil this need.

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