Have You Lied On Your CV?

When looking for a new role, it can be tempting to stretch the truth, or embellish on a role in order to come across as more suitable for a position that may be beyond your qualifications or experience.

More than two thirds of employers (67 per cent) have come across candidates who have lied on their CV, according to an Asia Pacific survey from Allegis Group. However, further research found only 7 per cent of candidates admit to lying on their CV which shows a significant discrepancy between what employers uncover and what job seekers view as dishonest. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, the most common areas of dishonesty are embellished skill sets (62 percent) and embellished responsibilities (54 percent).

However, honesty is still the best policy, with 42 percent of employers stating they “would consider candidates who do not meet 100 percent of the qualifications.” To catch the eye of these employers, candidates should submit a CV that is customised for the open position (61 percent), and a tailored cover letter (49 percent). The results of these surveys show employers can benefit from doing a little research on potential candidates to ensure details on their CVs are correct.

Additionally, job seekers are encouraged to review and proof-read their CV to ensure no unintentional errors are slipping through. It is also recommended that you develop a working relationship with a recruitment agency. Recruitment consultants are well placed to give advice on CV best practice and can also help employers in the candidate screening process.