Case Study

Sales Marketing Global Yeast Manufacturer

Results at a Glance

  • Successfully placed two candidates in the roles the company needed to fill

Focus Areas

  • Sales and Marketing


This company is a leading producer of yeast and bread improvers. Committed to providing the best products for baking, nutrition, health, flavours and fermentation, its yeast is used to make one out of every three breads in the world. The company also offers products and services related to nutrition and health, from probiotics to high-performance nutrients for cell cultures.

Having a presence in China for over 30 years, the company has headquarters, regional sales offices, baking centres and modernised plants in the country. Nonetheless, it has maintained a low profile with limited publicity in the market. Thus, its branding in China is not as strong as its reputation abroad, which has historically made recruiting difficult. With this in mind, the company sought the help of Aston Carter to recruit two staff members in the midst of developing its China team.

The company had created two new roles in Sales and Marketing to help the company quickly develop the China market. It wanted experienced candidates, but the initial salary package for those roles was not attractive enough to draw this talent pool.


Aston Carter created an efficient contingency search by developing a deep understanding of the unique position the company was looking to fill. Because the roles were new and had no benchmark, the team made a concerted effort to understand the categories involved, know the industry and identify the client’s competitors. It met with the hiring manager to broaden its sense of the expectations beyond the job description.

By leveraging its solid sales and marketing talent base and strong presence in the region, Aston Carter was able to source relevant candidates from its existing database as well as from new channels it developed. Throughout the process, the recruiting team regularly communicated with the hiring manager to keep stakeholders abreast of updates.

To attract the highly experienced, passionate individuals the company sought, Aston Carter assessed candidates’ motivations and highlighted the relevant aspects of the position. In this case, it was the very high standard of quality the company maintained that set it apart in candidates’ minds.

In the end, Aston Carter was successful in placing two candidates in the roles the company needed to fill. They had over 10 years of rich, relevant industry experience and were the passionate, down-to-earth and trustful workers the client desired.


By locating and placing two qualified individuals, Aston Carter was able to advance the company’s talent acquisition strategy as its business needs expanded. One of the placements quickly established a strong reputation internally while helping the company take advantage of business opportunities in China.

The other assisted with efforts to pursue new channels for sales. Fully satisfied with the search outcome, the company tasked Aston Carter with filling three additional roles.

As a whole, Aston Carter was able to deliver on the client’s expectations by digging deeper to fully understand the nature of their industry and organisational requirements. As such, it was able to seek the right type of candidates and present the right information to potential placements that would attract ideal individuals to the role in a challenging hiring landscape. This enabled the team - and the company – to harness opportunities in a rapidly evolving market.