Case Study

Customer Service Assessment Centre — National Insurance Provider

Results at a Glance

  • Placed 20 quality candidates in seven days
  • Ran multiple assessment centres over four days

Focus Areas

  • Customer Service


As one of the largest automotive insurers in Australia, this company works with a substantial number of customers on a day-to-day basis, with employees handling claims, roadside assistance and payment queries. This means they require quality, skilled candidates who are able to manage a diverse number of tasks – all while upholding the values of the company.

When it came time to fill a number of new roles within their call centres, they required a recruiter capable of sourcing part-time candidates on the east coast in a tight time frame – certainly a challenge given the demand for full-time positions.

Aston Carter has worked with the company in the past, but this time the task was quite different – sourcing 20 quality candidates to fill positions in just seven days, with 10 candidates going to Sydney and 10 taking up employment on the Central Coast.


Given the large number of roles that needed to be filled in such a short space of time, Aston Carter approached the requirement with a solution that would best deliver to the nature of this project, and proposed the use of a bulk assessment centre. Then, using an innovative dual approach, Aston Carter drew possible candidates from their active hiring pool and carried out a targeted advertising campaign to address jobseekers.

At the bulk assessment centre, Aston Carter assessed candidates on a number of activities. These included group activities, phone role-plays and a 20-minute, 1:1 interview with questions designed by both the company and Aston Carter. Throughout this recruitment process, the hiring managers were able to sit in and observe, while Aston Carter managed majority of the activities. Other tasks included the referencing process and final scoring before suitable hires were identified.


Sourcing such a large number of part-time roles is not an easy task, and it’s often one that can take a substantial amount of time. Aston Carter was able to source 20 quality candidates in over four days of assessments, affording the company no interruptions in business services. It was also crucial that these were the right people for the job, able to fit in with their culture.

Following the conclusion of the recruitment process, the company has seen number of positive results. Aston Carter was able to minimise candidate dropout risk, and ensure that they had access to a suitable number of capable candidates.

Aston Carter were able to build a lasting relationship with the company throughout this exercise, planning future recruitment drives. This all comes from an increased understanding of their requirements for candidates, and what’s necessary from a compliance and process point of view.

Aston Carter’s in-depth understanding of the company will help to make any future hiring endeavours that much easier.