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IR35 Management

Recent updates to payroll legislation within the private sector moved responsibility for determining the IR35 status of an assignment from the consultant or contractor to the end client. The fee-payer (end-client agency) is now responsible for ensuring that the correct income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are paid to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) where an inside determination is given.

What Do IR35 Policies Mean for Your Business?

New legislation oblige the end-client to ensure all relevant parties are made aware of the determination (the SDS) by communicating the IR35 status to the consultant or contractor, and to the next party in the supply chain (normally the agency or service provider) so the correct tax treatment can be applied.

Failure to comply could result in the end-client becoming liable for any taxes owed to HMRC arising from the assignment. (This is referred to as the “provision of debt transfer” within the legislation.) The financial implications of failing to provide the IR35 determination with reasonable care are therefore potentially significant.

In the event that HMRC believes a determination has been arrived at incorrectly, they have the ability to require payment of back taxes owed over a number of years, in addition to any penalties and interest amounts that have accrued.

How We Can Help

Aston Carter’s Consulting Services has extensive experience operating and consulting on risk and regulation, compliance, and change and transformation programmes. We provide project-based and outsourced services through tailored solutions and rapidly mobilised, high-performing teams. Aston Carter's Consulting Services is a unique alternative to traditional Tier 1 consultancy services. We provide our clients the opportunity to engage expert consultants in a flexible and agile way.

Managed and Outsourced Services

We offer a spectrum of outsourced services that utilise in-house project delivery managers who use deep subject matter expertise, best practices, methodologies and tools to ensure fast and effective delivery toward project goals. Our services range from project led managed services to full outsourcing and offshoring services where we own risk and responsibility for project outcomes.

Temporary and Contract Staffing

Are you looking for an experienced partner in your supply chain to manage IR35 risk? Aston Carter’s PAYE engagement model presents the least risk under the proposals for end-clients and all other parties involved.

We directly payroll 200,000 PAYE consultants and contractors on a weekly basis. We have the infrastructure needed to support payrolling significant numbers of consultants and contractors without the need for a third-party umbrella company.

Permanent Staffing to Avert IR35 Risk

Our permanent staffing teams have a significant presence in both financial services, commerce and industry markets, partnering with a range of clients across the UK to support their resource requirements. We are experienced in dealing with high volume recruitment campaigns, niche one-off hires and retained search. By engaging people permanently, our clients remove all IR35 risk.

Benefits of Engaging Aston Carter PAYE Consultants and Contractors

Typically, recruitment agencies use umbrella company arrangements to pay the contractors they supply because they often do not have the infrastructure to payroll contractors in house.

Our global reach and extensive experience in payrolling consultants and contractors means we’ve invested in building a robust internal payroll infrastructure, eliminating the need to rely on an umbrella company. Some of the benefits we have already seen include:

Increased Supply Chain Performance

  • Our direct PAYE offering means fewer parties are involved in the contractual chain, enabling better control of the supply chain and associated risks.

Reduced Risk

  • Over the years, we’ve seen that our clients want to work with reputable agencies and want to distance themselves from payroll companies, which often pose risk to regulation compliance. By operating our payroll in-house, the risk of inappropriate payment practices is significantly reduced.

Enhanced Consultant and Contractor Experience

  • By maintaining direct contact with our consultants and contractors, we offer a superior customer experience. Additionally, our extensive PAYE offerings include access to retail discounts, a certified learning platform, a specialised platform and dedicated points of contact.

Quality Talent on Your Terms

Find consulting services and staffing solutions that meet a wide range of organisational needs, and a partner that never loses sight of what matters: high-quality talent.

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