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Vendor on Premise

As projects scale up, you may need help hiring and supervising a high volume of talent. An effective on-premise partner can help you drive workforce efficiency, engagement and retention.

Aston Carter offers vendor-on-premise services with on-the-ground personnel who seamlessly integrate into your business and provide core support functions. Working as a collaborative partner, we’ll become ingrained in your business and deliver customised support that makes an impact.

Our Vendor on Premise offering includes:

  • Full-service programme implementation
  • Technology to manage the recruiting process, giving you unique data insights into your workforce performance
  • Customer-specific recruiting strategies
  • Accounting administration and logistical support
  • Results-driven performance monitoring

Full-Service Programme Implementation

An expert implementation team will carefully assess your business operations and develop a site-specific project plan. Your programme will benefit from best practices and recommendations based on our industry experience, stakeholder expectations and the overarching goals of your staffing programme. To enhance compliance, our teams are trained in ethical labour practices, employment law and risk management principles.

High-Volume and Customer-Specific Recruiting

No business or project is the same, which is why we place a heavy emphasis on developing a deep partnership with you. Our on-site staff learn your processes and policies, and then leverage that deep understanding to source and screen exceptional talent — and drive accountability once they’re placed.

In addition, you’ll enhance your ability to ramp up staff quickly with a partner that’s uniquely qualified to deliver on high-volume hiring initiatives. We work closely with HR, operations and your internal teams to forecast your needs and proactively prepare for quick staffing ramps. As a privately held company, we can coordinate recruiting resources from regional offices and our strategic recruiting centres to deliver.

Account Administration and Logistical Support

Managing a large contingent workforce doesn’t have to out a stress on your organisation’s resources. Through our own technology platform, we support the day-to-day administration of your contract workforce, spanning onboarding and attendance tracking to supporting performance evaluations. Our Vendor on Premise solution allows your organisation to offload time-consuming tasks, including administrative and logistical support for onboarding and payroll.

Results-Driven Performance Monitoring

Receiving value and meeting goals are central to the success of your on-premise programme. That’s why we regularly share fulfillment, attrition and other relevant data with you, as well as gather feedback from customers and contract employees, to drive continuous improvement.

Quality Talent on Your Terms

Find consulting services and staffing solutions that meet a wide range of organisational needs, and a partner that never loses sight of what matters: high-quality talent.

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