Managed Solutions

What could you accomplish with a scalable workforce solution designed for quality and value? Aston Carter’s Managed Solutions can help you maximize workforce productivity, build your management capacity and overcome hiring obstacles.

We can partner with you to manage your contract workforce toward quality and volume goals. You’ll gain access to top-quality talent plus training, logistics support and performance management from experienced program managers. The result: rapid time to market, optimal workforce productivity and cost savings.

Risk & Compliance

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Whether driven by new regulations, changing market conditions or a new strategy, governance, risk and compliance workloads can escalate quickly. Our Managed Solutions can help you manage the work efficiently. Our teams comprise subject matter experts, project managers and analyst resources to execute large projects with minimal supervision.

Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce

A remote workforce promises the ability to tap into a national pool of qualified talent without expanding your footprint — if you can manage, measure and engage your team effectively.

Aston Carter has the expertise to effectively acquire, onboard and manage remote teams for you. Under our Managed Solutions model, you can hand off project setup and execution, including technology and asset procurement and distribution. 

We can also work with you to define meaningful KPIs to measure team performance — and then drive it through training, coaching and formal reviews. With our robust reporting options, you’ll retain full visibility into project and team performance to make sure we’re accomplishing your goals.
Customer Support

Customer Support

A high-quality customer support function is increasingly critical for company success — but that doesn’t mean it’s a function you need to own. While many companies turn to service providers to control costs and preserve management capacity, they often relinquish control and visibility.

How can you keep a pulse on customer satisfaction while managing your support function efficiently? Our Customer Support Managed Solutions offering helps you deliver cost-effective customer service while meeting quality goals and maintaining visibility. We can take on the burden of hiring, onboarding and managing contract representatives while you focus on accomplishing strategic goals.

Collaborative Solutions

Looking for help managing programs and initiatives? We’re ready to consult on proven solutions that work for you.