Case Study

Dual Senior Management Requirements – National Sporting Provider

Results at a Glance

  • Placed two out of two roles
  • Both candidates appointed within five weeks of the initial brief

Focus Areas

  • Head of Brand and Market Insights
  • Head of Segment and Product Marketing

Business Challenge

This national sporting provider manages the premier sporting competition in Australia with 18 teams playing across five states and drawing total attendances of over seven million every season. In early 2014 Aston Carter were engaged by the business to conduct a search for two senior positions within their Group Marketing function.

In essence, the traditional ‘CMO’ position was divested into two senior management roles; Head of Brand and Market Insights and Head of Segment and Product Marketing. These senior management positions needed to be filled during the competition season, to ensure a number of immediate programs of work could commence, as well as ensuring stability and continuity for existing team members.

Our Solution

Constructive dialogue with the hiring manager highlighted the strategic importance of these two roles in driving the company’s agenda to become a more customer centric organisation and build better engagement with its fanbase (both new and existing).

Aston Carter recommended the use of a full market search and selection methodology to target the most relevant talent in the market. A target list of companies and individuals from across Australia was developed in consultation with our specialist research team, with subsequent headhunt approaches made to prospective candidates.

All candidates received a comprehensive information pack following the initial screening call, outlining additional contextual information on top of the official job description, and full functional detail on elements such as client profiles, prospective salary package details and confirmation of the interview process.

Rigorous face to face interviews took place with a range of candidates, and a shortlist of four candidates for each role was then presented to the hiring manager in person, leading to a full and robust discussion on the merits of each candidate for the respective positions.


Following a comprehensive client interview process, including meetings with the newly appointed CEO, both roles were successfully placed with outstanding candidates who had been proactively sourced by Aston Carter. Both candidates are specialists in their field (sports marketing and customer value proposition) and as senior leaders in the business they bring a significant capability to the organisation on how it connects with its customer base, thus driving attendance and participation at events and in turn increasing revenue.

This project was successfully completed within the aggressive timeframes set by the business, with both candidates appointed to their roles within five weeks of the initial brief.

Aston Carter continues to develop a strong partnership with our client business conducting work across multiple business areas including Marketing, HR and Business Support. There are few, if any, institutions in this country that engender greater support and admiration among the public than our client and we look forward to this relationship prospering further in the future.